BENEFIT Partnership newsletter, January-June 2018. 

This newsletter brings together highlights from the programmes within the BENEFIT Partnership.

In this issue, some of the topics covered include

  • BENEFIT Partnership influencing sector policies and institutional arrangements,
  • Leveraging opportunities to empower women in Seed Producer Cooperatives (SPCs),
  • Effective learning through strategic capacity development and cascading approach,
  • Addressing trade barriers levied by India and Pakistan: the case of Methly-bromide,
  • Scaling loan guarantees to alleviate financial constraints for sesame growers,
  • Improving collaboration in mainstreaming social inclusion and nutrition,
  • BENEFIT-REALISE (Realizing Agricultural Livelihood Security in Ethiopia): new BENEFIT  programme reaching the chronic food insecure farmers in Ethiopia,
  • BENEFIT-CASCPAE & ISSD collaboration for home garden intervention in Ethiopia, etc

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