Strengthening seed regulatory services require a coordinated effort

Building the capacity of the regulatory structure is critical for effective and efficient seed regulatory services provision to respond to the sector’s specific needs in a more systematic and coordinated manner.

Often, it is emphasized that a well-functioning regulatory seed sector is critical to create an enabling seed business environment. This demands strengthening the regulatory capacity of the seed sector, as well as coordinating the activities of those who support the sector. Cognizant of this fact a workshop was organized which brought together national and regional stakeholders and partners from key seed regulatory services on February 21st, 2022 at Pyramid Hotel, Bishoftu town. 

The objectives of the workshop were to bring key stakeholders in Ethiopian seed regulatory services together to provide highlights regarding ENSP project and the intended outcomes, to exchange ideas on existing and ongoing initiatives in seed regulatory services, to develop an annual action plan, and identify intervention areas where ENSP chip in to create synergy to sustainably contribute the development of seed regulatory services.

Lamrot Getachew, Plant quarantine inspector presenting group discussion output

Dr. Mohammed Hassena, ENSP project manager, gave an overview of the ENSP project after the welcome address. The participants then asked some clarifying questions, which were addressed adequately.

The workshop focused on optimizing the provision of seed regulatory services, specifically variety release and registration, seed certification, and quality assurance. Participants thoroughly discussed these themes, and during a breakout session, in three groups – devised an activity plan for 2022. After the groups presented their proposals, a discussion followed in which the participants suggested additional points to further enrich the plan. It was noticed that there are certain overlapping activities with other projects working in the sector. The group agreed that a small group of individuals from key stakeholder groups and partners will discuss the overlap and identify synergies and revise the plan accordingly.

The workshop was facilitated by ENSP project and a total of 24 participants from the Ethiopian Agriculture Authority, regional regulatory authorities (Amhara, Oromia, and SNNP regions), GIZ, and ATI.