Call for MSc./MA. Research Fund Opportunity for Female Students

Stichting Wageningen Research (SWR) Ethiopia is an International NGO registered in Ethiopia since March 2021 with the FDRE Agency for Civil Society Organizations. The organization is established with the objectives of promoting a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable food systems in Ethiopia. One of the projects implemented by SWR is Ethiopia is the Ethiopia Netherlands Seed Partnership (ENSP).

Among the intervention areas of ENSP, capacity development of the seed sector actors and engaging more professionals in the sector can be mentioned as one of the major activities.  In this regard, the project has a plan to award MSc. /MA. female students of higher institutes with research grant.

The MSc. /MA. Research grant offer

The research grant will cover relevant costs of the MSc. /MA. Research costs, based on the financial rules and regulations of SWR Ethiopia.

Eligible applicants

  1. MSc. /MA. Students of higher institutes
  2. Ready to prepare their proposal
  3. A student with higher academic and research competency
  4. Interested and ready to work on ENSP learning agenda (attached here)
  5. An applicant who is ready to prepare and submit a brief research proposal, according to the attached ENSP application format
  6. Ready to be governed by the rules, regulation and agreement of SWR Ethiopia

Application procedure

  1. An applicant should fill the application form (attached here)
  2. An applicant should submit a brief proposal (based on ENSP format) (attached here)
  3. The application form should be signed and stamped by the respective departments of students
  4. All the documents should be scanned and send (in PDF format) to copy to

Application deadline

The deadline for application is May 6, 2023

Contact address

For further information, please call to 0916822829.