The first ENSP Newsletter published

The purpose of the ENSP newsletter is to provide relevant information on the latest developments and current issues in the Ethiopian seed sector and the partnership supportactivities.The first issue highlight the major activities that have been taken place between January and June 2022. It has covered the transition that in progress for crop variety testingContinue reading “The first ENSP Newsletter published”

Vegetable Seed Import in Ethiopia: A Scoping Study Highlights

The conducive environment for vegetable production and the high quality of imported vegetable seeds has increased the demand for imported vegetable seeds in Ethiopia. The varieties that companies import must be registered. However, the registration process is very challenging for vegetable seed companies. In order to assess the import trend of vegetable seed, map currentContinue reading “Vegetable Seed Import in Ethiopia: A Scoping Study Highlights”

Bringing Phytosanitary Services in to Focus 

The phytosanitary service has been given little focus in Ethiopia for long. Due to various reasons the service provided is not to the level expected in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and quality of service. Often there are complaints from the service users. One of the reasons for the gap is believed to be the levelContinue reading “Bringing Phytosanitary Services in to Focus “

Transition in Progress:  Reclaiming responsibility for crop variety testing

Ethiopian seed proclamation and seed regulation specify that variety testing, both  Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability(DUS) test and Value for Cultivation and Use/National Performance (VCU/NPT) Trials, must be carried out by an impartial authority. In reality, the MoA has not taken up variety testing as impartial organization, rather research institutes that also generate the varieties doContinue reading “Transition in Progress:  Reclaiming responsibility for crop variety testing”

Establishment of an Agricultural Authority and its Relevance to the Seed Sector

Regulating the seed sector started with the start of variety approval by NCIC in 1982, which was more consolidated since 1992. Yet regulation was only in place in 1997 that included the different aspects of seed from variety release to seed marketing. Until 2004, activities related to seed regulation was under the Ethiopian Seed Agency,Continue reading “Establishment of an Agricultural Authority and its Relevance to the Seed Sector”

Improving the Capacity of Lab Analysts: to enhance seed quality control and assurance

Despite the efforts of many seed sector actors and partners, the results fell short of expectations, notably in terms of ensuring the production and availability of improved seeds to farmers. There are a lot of challenges which continue to limit the sector’s performance to respond effectively to the growing demand for improved seeds.

Strengthening Ethiopian Seed Sector Needs Coordinated Effort

Ethiopian Seed Association held its annual general assembly on 7-8th of April 2022 at Desalegn Hotel Addis Ababa. A competitive seed system for farmers’ long-term supply of high-quality seed was the theme of this year’s assembly. In his welcome speech, Mr. Melaku Admasu, the board chairman, discussed the status of the association, its accomplishments, andContinue reading “Strengthening Ethiopian Seed Sector Needs Coordinated Effort”

Stichting Wageningen Research Ethiopia and Four Projects Launched

WUR and Ethiopian partners launched new projects. The launch of SWR Ethiopia is officially marked today at the launch event held at Hilton Addis Ababa Hotel, Ethiopia. Stichting Wageningen Research Ethiopia (SWR Ethiopia) is an international NGO based in Ethiopia. SWR Ethiopia is affiliated to Wageningen University & Research. Its mission is to leverage transformation inContinue reading “Stichting Wageningen Research Ethiopia and Four Projects Launched”

Stichting Wageningen Research Ethiopia launches new project portfolio

This week, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Ethiopian partners are launching several new projects that focus on improving Ethiopia’s food system. The projects are part of the portfolio of the newly established Stichting Wageningen Research Ethiopia. Do you want to know more about the projects and/or SWR Ethiopia, please visit: